Learning Center & Central Fabrication

Central Fabrication

Center for Orthotic & Prosthetic Care manufactures virtually all of the custom devices patients need at its 6,000-square-foot Central Fabrication & Learning Center in Louisville, KY, as well at our 7,400 square foot Central Fabrication & Learning Center in Research Triangle Park, NC.  

Our skilled technicians use the latest advanced technologies, and working closely with our clinicians, provide each patient with the best fitting and most cosmetically and technically advanced product. Our patient care offices are outfitted with an on-site lab equipped with the tools and machinery to modify and provide the finishing touches to a device.


The Center for Orthotic & Prosthetic Care provides customized prosthetic solutions for patients with amputations, and braces and support systems to assist patients with weak or injured muscle/skeletal groups.

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Learning Centers

At Center for Orthotic & Prosthetic Care, our Learning Centers provide on-going education to a multidisciplinary medical professional community with the patient at the center of our focus.

For our prosthetic patients, our purpose is to strengthen the team that has the privilege of working with patients who have undergone amputation surgery, as well as to help those patients become better informed and more confident about living with a prosthesis.

Our clinicians and patient care coordinators work closely together to provide referral sources with up to date and industry approved lecture materials along with coordination and scheduling.

Continuing Education: Prosthetics for Physical Therapists & Occupational Therapists

The vision of the COPC Education Series is to take our education efforts to the next level by providing the following courses.

COPC Continuing Educational Series Course Listing:

1.    Amputation & Prosthetic Overview

2.     Lower-Limb Prosthetics:  Transtibial

3.     Lower-Limb Prosthetics:  Transfemoral

4.     Lower-Limb Prosthetic Functional Level Prediction & Outcomes Measurement

5.     Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Training

6.     Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Analysis

7.     Upper-Limb Prosthetics

8.     Prosthetic Advances

9.     Partial Foot, Ankle/Knee/Hip Disarticulation, & Transpelvic Prosthetics

10.   Microprocessor Controlled Knees

Articles of Interest

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For more information please contact:
In North Carolina:
David A. Ingraham - dingraham@centeropcare.com or (919) 530-9435