iLimb Technology

Amputees at COPC in North Carolina and Kentucky getting hi-tech help while regaining their independence with iLimb Technology. An iLimb prosthesis is used along with an iPod to replace an amputated limb.

COPC Locations Throughout the Eastern US

COPC has Patient Care Facilities in Kentucky, Indiana, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to serve you.

Our Patients, Our Friends and their stories....

"I feel like Mike gave me my life back.... The team at COPC worked with me to give me the leg and ankle to fit my active lifestyle."

- Debbie Hodge

Our Patients, Our Friends and their stories....

"When you lose two limbs it could devastate your life.... I recommend the team at COPC to anyone I see who faces the challenges that I have faced."

- Jimmy Wright

Our Patients, Our Friends and their stories....

"I feel that my life and my freedom were restored with the prosthesis and I want to say that the team at Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Care has been very good to me."

- Jerry Solomon

Peak Prosthetic Performance Clinic - A FREE Amputee Clinic

It is estimated that more than 1.7 million people in the United States are living with limb loss and one out of every 200 people in America has had an amputation. But many amputees are not getting the healthcare services they need and deserve. The Peak Prosthetic Performance Clinic is a one-time opportunity for amputees who have suffered a limb loss to be heard and evaluated.

CAF athlete Desmond Jackson is hoping to duplicate last year's performance at the San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

As the 2009 Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) San Diego Triathlon Challenge Kids 1K winner, it is easy for 11-year-old left transfemoral amputee, Desmond Jackson to stand out. The first place podium is always a little higher; the gold medal is always a little shinier. Like his hero and fellow North Carolina native, Michael Jordan, Desmond enjoys the challenge of winning.

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Peer Visitors

Peer visitors are individuals who want to share their stories in order to help someone else in a similar situation.

Support Groups

Information about local amputee support groups in your area.
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